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Mobile On-Site Detailing 


Our mission is towards unprecedented transformation in the industry of automotive detailing. Our detailing professionals are dedicated to ensuring your vehicle is given the ultimate esthetic and cleaning  treatment, no matter the condition or detailing service requested. At Kingdom Vision we treat each vehicle with the utmost care and attention to ensure we exceed the expectations of our customers.

We understand your need for us to take care of your vehicle through the service we provide. It's also important that you should know about ways to personally do so as well. We will make it our responsibility to equip you with ways to maintain your vehicle's condition. Your vehicle is exposed to the elements and pollutants on a daily basis, and with proper care you can prevent your vehicle from deteriorating over time. Our goal at Kingdom Vision is to preserve your vehicle's value and keep it looking its very best. We provide complete interior, exterior car wash, paint polishing, buffing and waxing services . Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone, email or in person to answer any questions you may have.

Our team at Kingdom Vision Detailing offers a mobile detailing service that allows you to enjoy the comfort of your home while we travel to the location of your choosing to completely refine and transform your car experience.

What We Do

In order to provide the prestin level of service we go above and beyond our clients expectations, we always start each potential Job with a theral discussion with our clients and a up close inspection of their vehicle. After going through that necessary process we are able to formulate the correct plan to execute the needs of the client. We partner only with reputable and trusted brands in the industry and take pride in using the best products we can offer. 

• Car Wax & Sealant

• Polish & Swirl Removal

• Clay Bar Treatment Contamination Removal

• Interior & Leather Care

• Wheel & Tire Care

• Headlight Restoration